Antoine Puisais X Maison Elysha

Art as a resistance

Before beginning his artistic career, Antoine Puisais was an avid skateboarding for many years, a practice which he considers an art form in its own right. Deeply inspired by the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Cy Twombly, Puisais uses what surrounds him to create a visual language for his art. For the artist, painting is a way to create a bridge between community and individual, to establish connections, and create unity.

Reveal the impermanence of things

By painting ruins, cracks and other vestiges of time passed, Puisais explores the theme of impermanence. He uses dyes with plywood boards acting as buffers on the canvas. Leaving a large part of the creative process to the chance, Puisais likens his work to archaeology, as if each painting has been exhumed from his subconscious like an artifact.

Antoine Puisais X Maison Elysha

Organic cotton Tees drops and full outfits embellished with textured primitive shapes and symbols stamp by hands.

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